Care of Books and Materials

BooksWe love our books! In order to maintain our collection
of current and beautiful books, we must be sure to
handle our books with care and find a safe place to
keep them at home. Books do become damaged over time. This is normal. If you check out a book and find a ripped page or accidentally rip it yourself, please let Mrs. Kowalski or Mrs. Diaz know, so that we can repair it to prevent it from getting worse. If you place your books in your backpacks, make sure you don't place it near any drinks. When liquid gets onto the books, it will dry. However, the pages will most likely become moldy and look ugly and be unacceptable for checking out. If this happens, the book must be removed from our shelves. School board policy states that books that have been lost or damaged beyond repair, must be paid for. Also, we are adding T-Hawk's mending station. If you find a book that needs repair, there will be a box with Post-its. Place the post-it on the page that needs repair and place the book in the box.

Playaways are audio books that resemble ipods. They come in a box similar to a video tape. They also have headsets as well. When they are taken home and listened to, it is important to put it back in the case immediately. It is a small item and can very easily be misplaced. Please take care of the headsets as well and make sure that they are placed back in the case. The playaways are battery operated. If the battery goes dead while you are at
home and you want to continue to listen to the story, the battery can easily be replaced with AAA batteries. We also provide the batteries at school. Again, just like books, school board policy states that if these item are lost or damaged beyond repair, they must be paid for. I ask that you take very special care of the playaways since they can be costly to replace. Parents, if you do not wish for your child to check out Playaways, please let them know or send an e-mail to: