Destiny is the circulation program that is being used in all the schools in Broward County. This program also consists of an online, searchable public access catalog for all books and audiovisual materials in our school as well as all other Broward County Schools. This program can also be accessed from home through BEEP at: or at the website: Students can go to Destiny Quest and type in a Title, Author or Subject of a book they wish to read. When they locate what they are looking for they can drag and drop the book in the "My List" window. At the completion of locating materials, they can click on the "My List" window to open it and print out the list of books they would like to check out. Students can then bring the list to the Media Center and the media staff will help them to locate the books. Students can also login to Destiny Classic by using their student ID number and their birthday; 2 digits for month, 2 digits for date, and 4 digits for year. Ex: 01/01/1990. If students do a search on almost any topic in Destiny Classic with the use of the "One Search" button, they will generate responses from the district purchased databases. These sites provide a wealth of information. As students progress throughout the year and move on to different grade levels they will continue to learn more about these wonderful resources that are provided.

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